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Flow is proud to offer alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, visceral manipulation, Thai bodywork, gua sha and cupping. We believe these therapies are an integral component of maintaining your fit and healthy lifestyle.





Kari Schwager is a licensed massage therapist and certified Pilates Instructor.  She received her massage certification in 2005 from the New School for Massage and Bodywork.  A Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Kari specializes in finding and treating muscular pain due to trigger points and facial restrictions in soft tissue.

Please contact Kari directly to set up an appointment.

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Britta Eumann, yoga teacher RYT 200 and Thai yoga bodywork practitioner, teaches a variety of yoga class styles to all levels. She believes yoga is for everybody and every body. Beginner or advanced, she is meeting her students where they are in their practice, providing adjustments and modifications for each skill level. Students leave her class feeling calm and at ease in body, mind and spirit.

Please contact Britta directly to set up an appointment.

☏ (224) 381 0613

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Julie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 25 years and worked in 4 states (CA, CO, NV, IL) at several five-star spas. She has her Masters in Physical Therapy and specializes in a variety of massage techniques (including Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Thai, Prenatal, Aromatherapy, and Trigger Point Therapy).

Please contact Julie directly to set up an appointment.

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Acupuncture is a 4,000 year old medicine that targets points of the body that signal the brain to fight inflammation, stimulate the nervous system, move blood, decrease pain, and balance the body overall. While effective in stimulating the body's natural healing process, acupuncture has become one of the most proven and well-known forms of "alternative" medicine that exists in the United States today.  Acupuncture is performed by inserting very thin, disposable, sterilized, stainless-steel needles into specific points located near or on the surface of the skin.  Acupuncture needles are able to:

  • Stimulate Endorphin Release with Analgesic Affect to Reduce Pain
  • Stimulate Blood Flow and Tissue Repair
  • Signal the parasympathetic ('rest and digest')  nervous system to reduce stress levels and regulate breathing, digestion, and heart rate


Massage Therapy is intended for relaxation or pain relief.  It consists of a system of gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and percussion techniques, combined with active and passive movements of the joints. Based on your input, the therapist may work superficially or deeper into the muscles, tendons, and fascia of the body to work out adhesions, triggerpoints, scarring, and to promote positive structural change or relaxation.

Gua sha and cupping are ancient healing techniques addressing both acute and chronic pain often caused by stagnation of blood in the area. Gua sha uses a smooth-edged instrument to apply short or long strokes on the skin, typically in the area of pain or on the back parallel to the spine. Cupping uses glass cups and suction to break up stagnation and promote the smooth flow of blood, thereby relieving pain. These therapies can help address asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, fever, heatstroke, fibromyalgia, strains, sprains, and muscle spasms.

Visceral Manipulation addresses “viscera” (the tissue surrounding the internal organs). The organs and viscera, just like other structures in the body (bones, muscles, nerves, fascia), are always in motion. When you breathe, walk, stretch and move, your organs have to move in your chest and abdomen. And, just like other structures, the viscera can become restricted from surgical scars, adhesions, illness, posture or injury. VM is beneficial for many disorders including back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, whiplash, seatbelt injuries, bloating, constipation, acid reflux, pelvic pain, incontinence, post-surgical scar tissue, and more.

Thai Bodywork is an interactive whole-body treatment that combines gentle passive stretching and movement of joints with several touch techniques and work along lines of the body. The relaxing effects of Thai bodywork are achieved without harsh physical force but through efficient use of movement, conscious touch, breathing and rhythm. Benefits of Thai bodywork include stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, and improvement of circulation. Thai body work is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor.