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How long are your classes?

Classes are 55 minutes to one hour.  However, some classes may include a cool down session for an additional 5-10 minutes (upon instructor discretion).

How can I pay?

We accept cash, check, MasterCard and VISA.

Do I need my own mat?

You will not need to bring Pilates mats as they are provided. Please bring your own yoga mat for yoga classes.

Where can I park?

There is pay box street parking available directly in front of the studio and unmetered parking available on side streets until 6pm.

What is your return policy?

Unused, unexpired packages may be exchanged for Flow account credit. This credit may be used in our retail store as well as for classes and private sessions.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you provide at least 24-hour notice if you are unable to attend a class or private session, in order to avoid full charge of the class/service.

Do I need to sign up online?

Yes, pre-registration is required for all of our classes. In order to save your spot in class please register online (click on Class Schedule).  You can sign up and pay online using a MasterCard or VISA. If you are having trouble signing up online call us between 9 - 1pm weekdays at 773-975-7540 or send an email to

What is the difference between Pilates mat and Pilates equipment?

Mat classes provide a fluid, full body workout using your own body weight as resistance, and with extra emphasis on abdominal and back strength. Equipment classes allow one to exercise in all planes of motion, and with variable resistance providing great adaptability for individual needs, from beginners to advanced.

I am new to Pilates, how can I get started?

We highly suggest taking at least 3 private sessions prior to jumping into a Pilates equipment or mat class. This allows our instructors to work with you one-on-one,  provide you with a thorough assessment, and at the same time, familiarize you with the equipment, terminology and concepts of Pilates.

What if I am pregnant/postpartum?

We highly recommend a private Pilates session as a safe initial starting place and for assessment.

What if I have an injury?

We highly recommend a private Pilates session as a safe initial starting place and for assessment.

Will Pilates help my golf swing?


Is Pilates good for men?

Yes! Pilates is great for men and women.  Many men benefit most in the adaptable equipment environment .

Is there a place to change?

Yes. We have bathrooms and/or changing rooms in each of our spaces where you can change before/after class.

What should I wear?

Pilates:  Workout wear that is not too baggy, so instructors can observe your spine.  We require socks in our private studio, and recommend ToeSox for optimal grip and safety for equipment classes.

CoreAlign:  A flexible indoor shoe (Nike Free, or 5 finger shoes) or ToeSox.

Dance: Zumba and World Beat require a flexible gym shoe, with pivoting ability such as a dance fitness or tennis shoe. Please bring clean dance shoes, with non-scuffing sole, vs. street shoes.

Sculpt and Stretch: Can be taken with ToeSox, a soft shoe, or barefoot.

What is CoreAlign?

CoreAlign® sessions improve posture, balance and functional movement in a challenging workout unlike anything else. Clients at all fitness levels will feel the difference after one session. CoreAlign® stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while users perform dynamic exercises, deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. The method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and can also be practiced at the cardiovascular level.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

They are two distinct systems. Pilates is a movement based practice which incorporates light to heavy resistance in all planes to promote efficient movement patterns and balanced musculature.  It is adaptable to most all bodies and conditions, including post-surgery rehabilitation and pre- and post-natal needs. It is effective for re-patterning, and improving overall function, strength and flexibility.

Why do Pilates vs. Traditional Fitness?

Pilates will build you up from the foundation instead of prematurely addressing superficial strength. Pilates instruction is highly adaptable -- therefore able to respect the limitations of your body, while providing powerful exercises to greatly enhance your function and well-being. Pilates’ benefits are numerous and include:

  • Relief of pain due to muscle imbalance.

  • Improved posture and bio-mechanical function.

  • Increased functional strength and flexibility.

  • Enhanced body-mind awareness and performance.

  • Greater sense of well-being and energy.

  • Faster recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.

How can I learn more about your teacher training programs?

Here at Flow we offer a variety of teacher training programs. Explore the links below to learn more about our teacher training programs and the many workshops we offer. You can also call us at 773-975-7540 with any questions about the programs.

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