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small group fitness classes

Group Fitness classes include Pilates Mat, Flow Yoga, Sculpt & Stretch, World Beat Dance, Functional Interval Training (FIT), Yamuna Body Rolling, and Foam Rolling classes.

With such a wide selection, you can bust a move in a dance class one day and lengthen and strengthen in Pilates the next. Plus, with no more than 8 students, your instructor can guide you safely through class and adapt challenges to your level.

$24 / single class
$220 / package of 10
$400 / package of 20

equipment classes

Equipment classes include Pilates Reformer, TRX, CoreAlign, JumpBoard, and Exo-Chair.

These classes have a maximum of 5 students so instructors can give you personalized attention, allowing for a dynamic, whole body workout.

$35 / single class
$256 / package of 8 

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Pilates Mat

Mat class encourages students to work deeply, improve posture, core strength, balance, flexibility, and form. It offers targeted back and abdominal strengthening. A necessity at every fitness level.

World Beat Dance

This high energy class is taught in an aerobic dance format to the upbeat rhythms of world music, and borrows from dance styles across the globe! 40 minutes of low impact, high intensity cardio dance followed by standing center strength work, and stretches.


This class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness program. The goal is simple: We want you to work out, and to love working out. Zumba® fanatics achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body energizing, awe-inspiring movements to engage, and captivate for life!

Flow Yoga

Flow yoga emphasizes the union of body, breath and mind by focusing on breath synchronized mindful movement. Work towards creating balance between flexibility and strength, effort and ease, tension and relaxation by flowing through creative sequences of yoga poses designed to target the whole body. All levels class, beginners are welcome. Modifications for all levels will be offered.

Functional Interval Training

An endurance based class with interval strength and cardio drills--squats, lunges, jumping, planks, tubing, weights, balls and more! This class keeps you moving, is heavy on repetitions, functional core work, plyometric and eccentric strength. Flexible workout shoes recommended: cross trainers, dance fitness, and tennis shoes best. Ideal for fitness participants or athletes.

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling™ is a therapeutic system that works on creating space in the joints and elongating muscles. Pain and tension dissolve as the muscles surrender to the effects of YBR. Each class will focus on one or more specific body parts: hips, knees, shoulders, lower, middle, or upper back. Stand taller, stretch further, go faster with greater ease. Unlock your natural potential with YBR!


In this class, you'll learn how to release muscular tension head to toe using a foam roller, tennis ball, and golf ball. Benefits include rejuvenating sore muscles, increased energy and circulation, reducing joint stress, increased flexibility, and pain management.  Whether you're a high-performance athlete or just want to relax come join us. It could change how you view your body.

Pilates Reformer

Experience the sophisticated reformer in a small group setting of 4-5 students. Reformer work is designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and stabilization using the resistance and assistance of the springs and straps. You'll advance quickly with regular practice in this class. Several levels of Reformer classes are available.


TRX is body weight suspension training that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This class combines both strength exercises and work in mobility so that the intensity level varies throughout the class itself. Our small group class provides this training with detailed cueing and corrections for proper bio-mechanics to safely & efficiently get the most out of TRX.


Utilizing the advanced design of CoreAlign, students will experience a full-body workout reaching cardiovascular challenge. Shifting platforms provide resistance in all directions and ladder is utilized for upper body strength and stability. Appropriate for those with CoreAlign experience or advanced Pilates students who have previous instructor approval.


In this exciting cardio workout, experienced jumpboard students will learn advanced jumps with athletic and or dance variations. Level 3 work includes greater strength challenges, and full body integration work, and high intensity interval jumping. Ideal cardio workout, and preparation for athletic endeavors.


The Exo Pilates chair allows for a super challenging full body resistance experience. Reap all the benefits of traditional Pilates chair work: a lot of standing balance and strength work, plus the spring attachments allow for adding coordination challenge, assisting spinal articulation, and combining arm and leg resistance.


This class provides maximum upper body benefits with the efficiency of TRX and lower body benefits of Jumpboard. Both devices provide significant core and cardiovascular challenge for the ultimate well-rounded workout.

Pilates Fitness Challenge

 A full body workout with a variety of Pilates equipment including reformers and/or exo-chairs, stability balls, arcs, bands, & weights. You’ll feel invigorated and challenged while improving your balance, coordination, and strength.